March 4, 2013


This has been one heck of a weekend! Friday we closed on our new house but due to the homeowner renting back from us until Sunday we couldn't go over... SO it was a little anti-climactic. But exciting nonetheless. So what did I do? Go shopping... 

I bought this moose for our mantle (NO I am not joking) and I bought it in CHROME! 
I may or may not be crazy but I have a vision people! Plus this momma doesn't really do real animal heads... not yet anyway.

This is a preview of some of the things that will go in our 'formal' seating area...

I hope it all comes together really well!

This was me on the way to closing... I was really excited but we have all been really sick this last week... cold and sinus crap out the wazoo... I kept having to blow my nose during closing and the poor lady kept having to pause because she couldnt talk over me haha.

We celebrated the house Friday night with the families! Pluckers! I love wings and it totally hit the spot!
My mom bought Channing the glasses and bunny ears but clearly I liked the ears so much I forgot I was wearing them!

Later that night we found the Easter Bunny running around pantless in the house.

Playing with Poppa Scott!

Channing had her FIRST pedicure Saturday morning and she did great and loved it! SO FUN HAVING A GIRL!!

She chose pink AND purple and it turned out GREAT!

My fave picture from our outing!

Oh hey Channing, what are you doing?

uh oh here we go!


So fast forward to Sunday... we were all set to go over and take posession of the new house at 3pm. The homeowner was supposed to be done moving out by 3pm. 
Well... when we get over there we found stuff ( a nice word for crap) all over the house NOT boxed up and she had SEVERAL more trips to make. Insert one pissed off momma right here!

So to avoid confrontation with my smart mouth I took Channing to Monster Yogurt! It was so good an fun for us both! A good break too!

We got a picture while the homeowner drank wine and continued to move her crap out... yes, you read that right... drinking wine and leisurely moving stuff out one thing at a time... pure awesomeness!

After all the craziness of the day sweet Channy Lou fell asleep on me last night... sweet baby, I can't get too upset with bedtime antics when this happens!

We woke up this morning ready to start out week and were about to walk out the door and
throw up everywhere... not once not twice but three times... Ill spare the crazy deets but lets just say both Channing and I just stood there like what the heck do we do? What do I start cleaning first? What part of this room isn't covered right now? It was crazy! But I am hoping it is an upset tummy from allergies etc rather than a virus... we will see.

All in all I am very thankful for our new house and so excited to make it ours!

Throw up can be cleaned and its just another day in the life of a momma... I am thankful I have an otherwise healthy baby girl. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Congrats on the new house!!! Are y'all in LH now??