March 15, 2013

 my world have been nutso to say the least...
we are now in our new house and loving it... we started moving in last Thursday and since then we are pretty much unpacked... chandler went out of town all week on business and we have company this weekend. So, I have been told I am CRAZY for scheduling something this soon but oh well!
I think we've done pretty well in one week!
also, one of our best friends got married to another one of our best friends brother last Saturday and we had so much fun at the wedding! I am also thankful that I was able to find the dress I wanted to wear in the midst of a bazillionmillion boxes!

In other news Rachel Zoe started back up last week!! Made my week... for real!

the coffee maker moving from my in-laws to the new house... yes, that puppy is very valuable to me in the mornings so I strapped it in the car seat!

Lets talk about my angel child for a moment. Seriously during this whole moving from in-laws to new house sh has been AMAZING  and been so happy and easy going! I just had to get her donuts the other morning... as you can see she barely fit with all the clothes....

Us before the wedding the other night... 

My girl friends! I wish I has gotten a full length picture! My dress is Haute Hippie I found at a consignment shop! My necklace is vintage from an estate sale! I ended up wearing my Sole Society pink and red heels and loved them with it! 

We finally got the dogs back from my parents! HUGE thanks to them for hosting their grand-pups while we have been crazy these last few months!
Channing was SO happy to have them back!!

Sneak peak of the gallery wall!

Channy lou took a bath in my tub last night... It has officially been taken over... I don't mind!

St Patty's party at school today and she has this tiara my mom got her that says Irish Princess...
she put it on the back of her head and kept it that way... hey, she has her own sense of style and I LOVE IT!

This is THE most casual I have gone to work in YEARS litterally YEARS!
Must be moving slash unpacking week!

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