March 26, 2013


How in the world is that possible? My baby has grown too fast! I feel like I have blinked and she is a little person and not my baby anymore. This birthday was very bittersweet for me. Channing is the absolute most precious thing God has ever given us. I am amazed and honored every day that we GET to be her parents. She has brought unimaginable joy to our lives!
This year she really understood it was her birthday and really got excited about the party and the bounce house and all the hoopla! Three was also the birthday we had finally decided to take away her pacifier... I know it may seem late for some but I am a true believer that you have your own opinions about what kiddos need and don't need. Channing potty trained herself a long time ago and stopped taking bottles LONG before that... I just couldn't bare to take her 'puggy' away. But, we talked to her about it for a long time before last weekend and she knew that she was 'giving' them away to other babies that needed them more than she did because she was going to be a BIG girl. Friday night was her last night with it... and you know what... she has done AWESOME just like every other time I was nervous about taking something away or changing something. She hasn't fussed for it and the few times she has asked about it I re-explain where they went and she is totally ok with it.

She took cupcakes to school with her Friday to celebrate with her CCDC class! She was PUMPED!
So fun to see her so excited about it all!
I have actual camera pictures from her birthday party on the camera and I will try to post those this week... We had a DORA bounce house in the drizzly weather and she never knew that anything (like the weather) wasn't great for her party! LOVE that about kiddos! As far as she was concerned it was her best party ever! 

I wanted to post a picture of the Printstagram pictures I had done. My goal is to eventually get them in matching frames but that will come with time :) so for now they are on the fridge!

The party table set up before the food was actually there. 

The pictures are sory of out of order... I think this was Friday night hanging out on the couch before bed... love those tiny feet!

After party warming up playtime in the bath!

Sunday morning we finally put our membership at the Perot Museum to good use!
Channing had a blast and loved everything about it. The kid area is GREAT and so fun for them!

Rock climbing in a tutu is totally OK!

Replica of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas!
Sunday evening we went to Kirk and Nikki's wedding. Kirk was the best man in our wedding and i was so fun to see him marry the love of his life! They really are truly in love. Chandler was in the wedding and looked so handsome in the tux! It is always fun to dress up for special occasions!
It was a small wedding at Kirk's parents house in Dallas and wow was it beautiful! 

Channing and the main man!

Tyler (chandler's brother) and Kirk

True Love
not a dry eye in the house

Channing was convinced that their wedding cake was her birthday cake! Sunday was her actual third birthday so we just went along with it! She was asking where the candles were though!

My sweet family!

Making friends wherever she goes!

So a little funny... saw this on instagram last night and it made me laugh!

Todays outfit... why is it freezing at the end of March? Because we live in Texas thats why.

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