September 23, 2010

6 Month Dr Appointment!

Our Channing Layne will be 6 months old tomorrow. Today we took her in for her 6 month appointment and she did great. She did have to get 3 shots and one oral vaccine and cried for just a few minutes. She loves her daddy and as soon as he picked her up she seemed a lot better! I will put all of the official stats up this evening when I have the sheet in front of me but I will tell you that she weighed 16.4lbs and got a great report!! The doctor told us after her evaluation, 'she will be an early walker... I can tell' ; we shall see. We are so happy with our perfect angel and feel so blessed God chose us to be her parents. There is nothing better in this world for sure! Stay tuned for the official stats and the Sock Monkey picture tomorrow!!!

Some things she is doing at 6 months

-Sitting up on her own
-Trying to crawl... not there yet but trying
-Gets frustrated when she can't be mobile ie: crawl etc to get to where she wants to be
-Great eater
-Loves baths
-Loves runs with Mom and Dad
-'Talks' up a storm
-Saying 'mama' in her mumbles
-Learned to throw little fits when she wants something or when I take something away she likes
-Sitting in the carts at stores
-Sitting in her high chair
-Rolling rolling rolling
-Sleeps like a champ (knock on wood)
-Loves the dogs
-Smiles all the time
-Laughing and is ticklish
-Got through her first cold
-Putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
-Trying hard to hold her own bottle (sippy cup soon)

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