December 9, 2009

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Last weekend was FULL of Christmas cheer! It all started at 'Hacienda on Henderson' a great Mexican food restaurant on Henderson Avenue in Dallas. We met Brandon and Shelby for dinner to start our weekend of all things Christmas. Shelby and I both LOVE the holidays and were so excited! We all ate dinner and visited and had a great time before heading to our next destination...

The Meyerson!!!
We went to the symphony to see the 'Christmas Pops' show! Our seats were GREAT; front and center! Chandler and I had never been. Brandon and Shelby mentioned it so we jumped at the invitation!

The music was GREAT! They incorporated a few old Christmas songs with a lot of popular 'pop' songs. They had a Christmas Pops chorus singing with them on a few songs and a few featured performers as well. They even asked for volunteers from the audience and let one hilarious lady direct the symphony on that song! It was so fun.
We went home got in bed and got up early the next day to go to the Adolphus Christmas Parade in downtown Dallas! We had great bleacher seats in front of City Hall, not to mention we found the perfect parking place. We loved the parade and it was so fun watching all the performers doing what I used to do in high school!
It really got us into the Christmas Spirit and we plan to do it all over again next year! It was so fun to think about taking Channing to the parade with us next year! I just know she will LOVE it just as much as her mom!

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