December 22, 2009

Dr Update

Last Friday I went to the Doctor. I was 23 weeks along and it really was just a fast and easy check-up. I got weighed and measured and had my blood pressure taken. For all of you nosey people out there; I have gained some weight and let me tell you I am proud of it haha! :) But, the actual amount of weight is for me to know and you to NEVER find out. Hee Hee! Maybe I will tell everyone in the end what I gained as a total... that might be fun! The doctor said I looked great and the baby sounded great too. My next appointment is the dreaded glucose test, which I have recently heard is not that bad at all. I am not really worried about it at all, whatever happens with that happens and from what my doctor says, if I have gestational diabetes we will just treat it plain and simple... although, I do not think I have a big chance of having that. He also said my next sonogram will be sometime right around or after 28 weeks! I simply cannot wait to see Channing again. I want to see how much she has changed in the last few weeks!

Last night I watched the Kendra and Baby show on E! Yes, I totally watched it and yes I felt a little emotional seeing her and her husband get ready and then finally have the baby! It is really just so exciting and to see how happy she was to finally be able to hold him made me want to cry. I can't wait for that moment! One thing I hope that ends up totally different in my story than it did in hers.... the baby weighed almost 10 pounds... good Lord help me!!

Anyway, I am 24 weeks tomorrow and there will be a belly update post! Yes, that means 6 months!!! Although, I did figure out why people say pregnancy is really 10 months... you would think I only have 3 months total left and that is not the case. I am not due until April 13Th or 14Th and that makes it almost 4 months left! Goodness gracious, it is a good thing I am having a fairly good time or finding that out would have made me mad!

Look for the belly update tomorrow!

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