June 17, 2015

Coop Reveal

The coop is done and the chickens are in their new home! It was much more of a 'project' (if you ask Chandler and our friend that built the coop and then run) but it turned out amazing and just what we wanted!

Channing is in LOVE with the chickens and we let her name them herself.
I would like to introduce you to:
And last but not least...

She is so great with them. Yesterday I heard her tell Richard, 'It's ok baby sissy's here'.
She is going to make a good mommy some day far away!


So far they seem to be doing great. We still need to add a roosting branch for them because they keep roosting outside in the bushes which is ok but they need something in their coop. I also need to make their nesting boxes too.
We are really looking forward to some fresh eggs starting in August or September hopefully!
Stay tuned for more chicken adventures with Richard, Beauty, Chandler, Awesome & Spot!

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