June 8, 2015

Chicken Littles

We have been SO busy... Just when I feel like we are about to slow down we ramp back up again. It is all fun though so it is feeling like Summer and we are pumped!
Chandler and a friend worked on building our chicken coop all weekend and it is almost finished. We cannot wait to get the girls in their new home! And EGGS!
Channing came out Saturday morning to watch Chandler work and I told her to go in and get some shoes on and this is how she came out... the most fab chicken run shoes ever and still in PJs! Even Benz was questioning her choice!

Here is the coop in all its glory... I cannot wait to look out in the side yard and see our sweet chickens!

This face... that is all.

Since we spent 20 days out of the month of may drenched in rain we had a few make up soccer games this weekend. It was HOT! The girls were dropping like flies and they called the game early... thank goodness because the cheering section was miserable too! Welcome to actual Texas summer!

Channing got to swim Friday night after dinner. It was her first night swim and this girl was so happy!

She and I are taking a Mommy Daughter trip Wednesday to the beach and I cannot wait to get another picture like this from last summer. Give me all the sand and the waves!

She celebrated National Running Day with me... only got in two miles because she is HEAVY and our neighborhood is very HILLY but it was awesome and she cheers me on!

Be on the lookout for beach updates this week!

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