January 7, 2013

MY Pretty Pretty Pinterest... A Link Up!

So I have wanted to start a link up for a long time and today I thought I would do a TRIAL version of my idea!
I love Pinterest and I love to get outfit/fashion ideas there!
I thought each Monday we could create our own version of a Pinterest outfit or Pinterest inspiration outfit and blog about it ad how we made it work for us. In REAL life!

My Pinterest is here! Please follow along and check it out!
What do yo guys think?
I need a button for it also... Anyone interested in helping me out with that or collaborating on the link up!?
For this TRIAL version here is my inspiration today!
Pinned Image
If you havent read Atlantic Pacific you are missing out!
What a fashion inspiration!
Jacket:Vintage Couture/Sweater and Skirt: Target/ Shoes Simply Vera by Kohls

What do you guys think? OBVI this is a TRIAL but do you guys think you would want to link up!?


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