February 15, 2012

Things I Am Excited About

Khloe & Lamar starts again on Sunday! Love them too! Also, makes it better they are in Dallas now... pretty fun to watch this season I bet!

Planning Channings 2nd (how is that possible) birthday party! She keeps telling us she wants a Oreo party when we ask her so thats what her theme will be! Such a fun girl! Who doesnt LOVE Oreos? On that note... anyone remember the GIANT Oreos they used to sell a long time ago.... Has anyone seen them lately? I would LOVE to find some!!!

Going to Napa again! Only 4 weeks away! I am pumped and SO EXCITED about going with Lexi & Reid! They are going to be fab travel partners!

Taking Channing to Build A Bear this weekend. Chandler gave her an unstuffed Monkey (which she has been obsessed with lately) and we get to take her to stuff it and pick out clothes for it this weekend! She will have a BALL!

Bethenny Ever After starts again on Monday on BRAVO! I am SO excited!!!

President's Day: TOTALLY forgot that the market is closed which means.... I HAVE MONDAY OFF!

Viggle... an app I read about on my friend Belinda's blog. Watch tv check in and get rewards... UMMM OK sign me up! Lets see if it works!! YAY worth a shot!


  1. I REALLY hope Khloe and Lamar end up staying here, and opening up a DASH store!!! And that they will have babies that will be besties with my babies. :)

  2. oooo you should make these oreo cupcakes for Channing's birthday... or these oreo pops!