February 3, 2012

Friday Phone Dump!

How I love these little hands... The best feeling in the world is when Channing wants to hold my hand!

She was concentrating on 'Abby in Wonderland' and was so cute I had to take a pic!

Now onto some more February 'Things I Love'... My Husband! I love him so much. We are goofy together and silly together and I LOVE him! He is also an AMAZING Daddy to Channing. She REALLY loves him. The other night he kept making her laugh and she said laughing, 'Daddy funny'!

Some CUTE Daddy Daughter fun post dinner last night... She is most def a 'Daddy's Girl'!

This is how she 'puckers up' for giving kisses!

Some more things I love.... Champagne in a can... You probably already knew this!

Double Stuf Oreos!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!


  1. i so need to try this champagne in a can after April!! And YES for the double stuffed oreos!

  2. Those pics of Channing and Chandler are adorable!