June 3, 2011

This weekend...

Maybe get in a few miles for the half marathon I WILL RUN in December!

I hope to MAYBE get some rest!?!

Hope to get to use some of the oil and balsamic I picked up at Cordell's in Abilene last weekend!


Channing will get to see her Great Grandmother & Great Papa this weekend! WAY OVERDUE!

I have TWO baby showers to attend this weekend... One I am helping with!


  1. Im running the white rock half as well. It will be my 5th time!

  2. oh how i miss TEXAS!!!!! my husband was stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene and we LOVED it! I taught at one of the elementary schools there. Oh I miss it. Such a sweet town. I hope you enjoy your run! I think I'll be joining you in putting those running shoes on! It's been a few weeks since they've seen the pavement - yikes! Enjoy your weekend!