June 1, 2011

Catch Up!

Oh my goodness we have had a GREAT busy last few days! We went to Abilene to visit friends this weekend. Ate good, drank good and played good! Channing loved the pool at the country club and had the best time! The girls got pedi's and we also went to a Paleteria...YUMMY!

I dropped our camera and now I have to get it fixed. So, needless to say the picture taking came to a screeching halt. BOO! I hate when things like that happen.

Yesterday Channing had her first 'modeling job'. She is going to be in the Vintage Couture fall catalog and we are so excited for her. And we are obviously so proud of our little model. It was rough for that little model yesterday, though. The FALL photo shoot was outside in the 95 degree heat. All of the little models we in their fall clothes and by the time it was Channings time to shoot she was very warm and pretty fussy. But, they said that they got some good pics so we are anxious and excited to see what they got!

I went to a specific store yesterday for groceries because I was looking for a specific queso that they sell. They were out of it... made me mad and sad. I ran yesterday afternoon. Only a mile and a half because of the heat and the humidity. We had Italian Chicken last night once again. It is to die for. SO GOOD! I also was able to go ahead and make spaghetti sauce for later this week and boil some chicken for the FAMOUS BBQ ENCHILADAS! Oh man I can't wait!

Channing has even more teeth coming in and I know they are hurting her so bad. But, IN BREAKING NEWS...CHANNING LAYNE TOOK SEVERAL STEPS ALL BY HERSELF THIS WEEKEND... SATURDAY MAY 28, 2011!

That's it for now... I am busy and I have no pics to post.


  1. OH I can not WAIT to see channings debut! :) She is going to be GORGEOUS!