August 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top 2 Characters You Would Want To Play on a TV Show or Movie

1. Meg Ryan in 'You've Got Mail' Not because I totally love her or Tom Hanks just simply because I love that movie. I love her bookstore and her NY apartment. It is just such a sweet movie!

2. The Rachel Zoe Project... Is it weird that I would like to 'play' RZ for a day? She has a really cool job, tons of cool clothes, and meets a lot of awesome people. I LOVE her style! I know it is a 'reality' TV show but hey it would be cool, right?

Top 2 Characters you would want to play on a TV show or Movie

1 comment:

  1. awe I love You've Got Mail
    such a a GREAT movie
    Since you chose RZ, Im thinking you should TOTALLY stop by my blog to check out my TT picks!
    You'll like!