August 2, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!! Simple Pleasures!!

This weeks topic: SIMPLE PLEASURES!

1. Shoes... what can I say? I LOVE shoes... they are something that will certainly put a smile on my face!

2. Saturday mornings in the fall. Probably one of my fave times of year. We usually wake up, get some coffee, open the back door and let the cool air come in and fill the house. I usually have a candle going, some sort of fall-ish scent and enjoy the beautiful days. Chandler usually has on College Game Day and although I don't usually watch it, it makes me happy because I know that means its fall. This year it will be even more special with Channing girl around! It also means it is almost time for the pumpkin patch, which we get to take Channing to this year and it means Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming soon. Cutting down our tree is just around the corner! This time of year reminds me of coming home from school on Friday afternoons. My mom would have all the windows up the house would smell like fall and it would be cool. Even though it was cool out the house would feel so warm! It is one of my fave memories from my childhood!

Others that are just as GREAT!

*Channing falling asleep on me
*Channings smile
*Watching Chandler be an AWESOME dad to our little girl
*Sprinkles Cupcakes
*Bubble baths with a good book
*Rachel Zoe Project (hahaha)


  1. Yes, you DO love yourself some shoes! Ahhhh, what a perfect b-day card you got from us!!!

    I loved those Friday afternoons, too. Friday night pizza and TGIF.....later on Friday night football games, drill team performances, all those giggly girls getting ready at our house!