March 5, 2010

' I wake up every morning in a panic when I mistake the wrinkles my sheets leave on my skin for stretchmarks. '

The title was from another blog I stumbled across today and that statement made me laugh so hard. I can't tell you how many times I have found myself in a silent PANIC that I have found stretchmarks somewhere where my shirt was wrinkled or the sheets were bunched up around me. Thankfully, and I am seriously knocking on wood here, but at 34 weeks I am still OK. None to be found yet, but I have not slacked on the now three lotions and oils I rub all over this belly every morning and night.

I have found also at this stage in the game I can't say things like, 'uh oh...' or gasp really loud or anything because that sends the husband into a slight panic.

I have found that I HATE weighing myself now. Although, I am very lucky and have been slowly gaining weight and not a lot at that, seeing that number for the first time ever isn't fun! I would rather not know and in the end when I am about to have the baby I can ask how much I have gained since the beginning and know what I am working with for the aftermath. :) Thankfully, up until this week I have been working out most days out of the week and my doctor says that is great and will really help in the end. We shall see about that!!!

I had my first dream where I saw Channings face the other night. I am sad that I can't remember it in detail but I do remember being really happy. Much better than the dream where I had her and nobody told me she had two noses. I was so mad at them and told them to take her to a plastic surgeon to get it removed, she was tiny after all and it probably wouldn't even leave a scar at that point. Now, that was a weird dream!

I am starting to get more and more comments like: 'when are you due.... APRIL 7Th?!! Oh, I don't know if you will make it that long!!' I am thinking, 'THAT LONG!!' that's not that far away and I am starting to freak out a little bit haha! But, because of that reason I asked my doctor what I should do if I go into labor since we have a c-section scheduled for April 7Th.

Although, still freaked out that this whole pregnancy thing will end in a REAL kid, I am starting to be less freaked out overall and more excited overall.... I can't wait to meet our little girl. I feel like I know her little personality already and I already talk to her all the time, especially when I am driving because now I don't feel like I am talking to myself! I already know she is a fan of Fergie because when she hears her on the radio or TV she moves A LOT. Coincidence that my car is named 'Flossy' after a Fergie song and Channing likes her, I think not! We are two peas in a pod!

As it gets closer and closer to Channing's big arrival I will try to post random thoughts I am thinking on here! Mostly for me to remember later and laugh at but also for you guys to laugh at. Hey, if a girl can't laugh at herself...

Happy Friday! I should be posting a 34/35 week belly shot ASAP!!

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  1. You crack me up:) The shower was great-sorry we had to leave a little early. You looked great and we can't wait to meet little Channing either! (I'll keep my fingers crossed that she only has one nose:)