March 22, 2010

Can shoes cause Braxton Hicks? & Doctor Appointment Update!

Yes, these are the shoes I wore yesterday and also this morning to my doctor appointment where he asked... 'Are you seriously still wearing heels like that'? Yes, yes I am but don't worry guys, I sit at a desk most of the day. It is no big deal. :)

Well, lets see... I am a few days shy of being 37 weeks which is considered FULL TERM folks! YAY! I had my strep B test and let me tell you since I knew what was going to happen it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was weighed and measured and had my blood pressure taken; all the normal stuff. We listened to Channing's heartbeat and it sounded GREAT and that was about it! I was sort of hoping to hear 'oh my goodness you have already started dilating'! But, no luck in that department. I was up most of the night with major Braxton Hicks contractions and was not very comfortable. The doctor said it could have been a sort of false labor but as long as I am not hurting and they are not closer to 5 minutes apart than I should just drink plenty of fluids and try to rest. I maybe over did it a bit yesterday so I will try to relax more!

Other than that we are doing very well. We have our bags packed and the car seat installed and ready to go just in case! We have the nursery ready for this sweet girl to get here and enjoy it. We did have a bit of a mis-hap yesterday when the snow decided to grace us with its presence, our hospital tour was cancelled and that was disappointing. At least I know where the hospital is in case of an emergency! I will post some more pictures from our maternity session probably later on today and then post a FULL TERM baby bump picture on Wednesday!!! Hey, the good thing about Channing staying put in the belly is that I get to do some planting with the husband this coming weekend just in time for spring! Hopefully we won't have anymore snow... I am tired of it!

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