February 28, 2010

First Baby Party!

Last night was our first 'baby party' thrown by our good friends the Diviney's and the Galloway's! Long story short it was AWESOME and we felt so loved by all of our friends! We had an absolute blast! The food, drinks, and company were great! Channing received so many wonderful things from all of our friends and family that were there! THANK YOU!!

Grandparent Pic!


Channing's first pair of high heels! They are HEELARIOUS! Thanks Ife and Bari!

Bow Holder from Tami and Bryson with bows from Tami and custom bows made by my mom!

'Channing Print' from Brandon and Shelby

Handmade AWESOME goodies from Amy and Luke!

Cute little GIRLY things!!!

Raggady Ann from Uncle Boongie and PINK sock monkey from Chan's parents!

The quilt rack for her quilts!!

CUTE 'Channing' hat from Ben and Carol Vig, her pool hat that is!!

We seriously cannot thank our friends and family enough for the best time last night! We are so thankful for all of your friendships and can't wait for you guys to meet Channing and most importantly for her to meet you guys! Love all of you!


  1. I wish so bad we could have been there. I want to see you soon before and after Channing gets here. Love you and I miss you!

  2. We were so thrilled to meet all your friends. What great people, great food, great fun! Thanks for including us.

    What a blessed baby girl she will be!