February 8, 2010

Baby Update and 3d 4d Images!

Friday I had a doctor's appointment and another sonogram! The doctor's appointment went great and he went ahead and put a c-section on the books for April 7th. This mom is super small and seems like the best option. We listened to the heartbeat, which sounded perfect he said and measured, weighed and checked my blood pressure... ALL GOOD!

Then we headed upstairs for my sonogram! We had a great sonographer that was just as excited as we were which made it a lot of fun! She spent probably 45 minutes with us letting us check out our little Channing girl! She and the doctor both said Channing looks perfect and healthy! She is weighing in at 3lbs 9oz and seems to be very content in my belly! The sonographer asked us if she could try something and we said sure, not knowing what she was wanting to do, and she turned on the 3d 4d sonogram and let us see Channing that way. We got to see her face up close and personal....She is already the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I think she already has some of Chandler's features. She even gave us a smile on the sonogram DVD. It was probably one of the coolest moments we have had yet! This doctor is a specialist and they give you the option of recording the sonogram on DVD and it is just so awesome. If you see us anytime soon we will probably have it with us and make you watch it! We aren't proud parents or anything!! Some of the pictures are harder to make out than others so I will do my best to describe below.

Upper right hand corner you can see her face to the left her hands and feet are covering the rest of her face. Her eyes are closed.
Same sort of picture...

Upper right hand corner is her face and her feet and hands are scrunched on the left side of the picture.

This is the clearest picture of her....looks like a foot right by her mouth. She started sucking on a toe or a finger during the sonogram too.... She is too CUTE!!!
Everything else is looking great and we are on the down slope to meeting her! I go back for another doctor appointment on February 15th! Be looking for an updated belly picture this week as well!

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