October 30, 2014


Yesterday something happened that has never happened before...
Channing was beyond thrilled!!
We boo'ed our neighbors last week and I am guessing that it has made it full circle.
It was so funny when Channing grabbed the bucket though, she said, oh look my own bottle of wine!
Umm, NO! No wine will be your wine until you are of legal age my friend and until then ANY bottle of wine is Mommy's wine hahaha!
Lets just say we have amazing neighbors and a wonderful neighborhood!
Chandler had to go out of town for a few meetings so it was GIRLS NIGHT as Channing calls it. Every time we have a so called girls night we do something fun like make cookies or watch a movie in bed with ice cream. Last night we did cookies because I secretly needed to get a head start on Halloween treats for the upcoming holiday craziness this weekend!
Channing did a batch then we got her ready for bed. I did mine after she was in bed so I could actually try to make mine look like a kindergartener didn't do them.

We are on the home stretch of this week. Parties and CRAZY starts tomorrow! Channing is SO pumped this year for Halloween. If you hear screaming tomorrow it is because our 'ELSA' said she would scream if anybody else was Elsa.
Wait for it... wait for it!

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