November 11, 2013

SO Beyond...

We had a great low key but busy weekend.
The pics are essentially in reverse order this morning and that is perfect for a Monday...
Look at this girl... I asked her to pose for me and this is what she did... also climbed on the steps and said I want the picture to be here.
SO beyond cute!

I also did a little 'planting' this weekend

Chandler was out of town for work last night so we had a girls night. Lots of Doc McStuffins and talking and playing with this girl... MAN I LOVE HER.
We have a charity event tonight and she is staying with my mom and dad and I already miss her!

Another show we watched for this first time this weekend was Sofia the First. Cute show and at bath last night she put on her crown, doesn't everybody have a princess crown in their bath, and asked if she could be Sofia the First!

Target handed out little coupon books yesterday and there was a popchip coupon for their holiday flavors.... you had me at 'salted...caramel'
They are good!

We did a little NYC puzzle yesterday morning on the bed before Daddy left for his trip. 

And a little late night silly face making Saturday night... No I basically didn't leave the house Saturday except to run our 8 miles. It was glorious!

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