November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!

First off, I want to give a BIG
to the hubby!
Channing and I are SO thankful for you! You  the greatest daddy and the best husband! I am thankful for you and very thankful for your love and friendship! Channing was so excited this morning to tell you happy birthday and to give you your cake tonight!!
I hope that you have an amazing birthday!!

So, back to catching up! We went out to dinner with friends Saturday evening and Channing looked SO cute. She DID NOT want me to take her picture, only because I wanted to, so I snuck one in.
She may be smart but I am still smarter ;)

This was one of those, 'awww, Mommy take a picture of me and BENTY... She wants to take a picture with me'!
Can you see the FEAR in Bentley's face?!

Lately at bedtime Channing has been telling me that she just isn't tired.
So after she had called me into her room one million times one night for various reasons...
-I need a washcloth for my eye
-I need to potty for the millionth time
-oh look I found a 'boo boo' and need a band aid
-I want to read THAT book waaaayyyy up high in my closet
etc etc etc
I finally told her she HAD to go to sleep. She said, 'FINE I will lay here but I AM NOT GOING TO GO TO SLEEP'!
The above picture is how I found her! HAHAHAHA!

The Sass Monster herself.... She is too funny!

In other news can someone get me some horns or whatever they are called... just like the ones above?! PLEASE!?!

We had some Mommy Daughter play time at the park the other morning and she told me to sit down and she would push ME! Well... she didn't have to twist my arm... I love to swing!

A little block building EARLY Saturday morning...
That's our awesome Castle behind her... we used ALL the blocks!

And last but not least....
thats the huge buffet I bought for our dining area.... no that's not our dining area but that's where it landed until the guy comes to refinish it for us!!
I am SO excited.... I got an 86in buffet for $150!!
After it is refinished I will def show you all pics!!
oh and that's a dinosaur on the buffet's bottom shelf... that's how we roll. 

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