August 21, 2013

School Days

Well... after a good week off after Summer Camp at WRN School Channing started FOR REAL pre-school this week. Drop off has been hard as expected but today I waited outside the closed door and listened to her cry for just a few more seconds and then she started saying the pledge with all the other kiddos. Separation is HARD for her right now. It is HARD for Chandler and I too. But, lets face it... She has a great time! There is a skating rink, an indoor pool, a music class and library! She loves it... AFTER I leave.

She still loves to take pictures with my phone! 

Breen dropped off her baby that she left at her house the other night with a new shirt and a treat for after dinner... the way to Channing's heart? Chocolate or sweets!

It is SEPTEMBER ISSUE SEASON and in my Bazaar I found this new line of Zoya colors! I totally need the Channing one!

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  1. Aww... what a cutie! So precious!