August 16, 2013


I had kind of hit a blogging rut in the last few weeks. I have plenty to blog about but I haven't had the motivation to do it. I have been inspired for one reason or another and you guys can expect new posts coming soon! I mean I turned 30 for goodness sakes.
For now I lets talk about how this weather in Dallas has left me longing for Fall! I mentioned the other night at dinner that I am so excited for College Football season to start, not because I understand football at all, but mostly because that time of year means cooler weather and a switch in the wardrobe! Can I get an amen?!
Since I haven't been taking daily outfit pics lately.. seriously IN.A.RUT
I am going to post some of my reent pins from Pinterest! I get a lot of outfit inspiration from my pins and maybe you will too!

Total Stardom Silver Sequin Mermaid Skirt at!

Can we all agree that I NEED this skirt?! Some might question where I would wear it. But, if you know me you would understand that this could be part of my everyday work wear. What is wrong with a little Sequins in the work place?

Casual tulle.
Or tulle???

This tone-on-tone combination is so lovely and relaxed, and the subtle colors make that necklace a standout.
I am on the lookout for something like this combo...

Love this combo....

Still loving Kelly/Emerald green and always love a leopard print!

Cobalt Pumps

LOVE the electric blue with the plaid!

That skirt!


I love every bit of it!

Happy Friday!

and lets all remember...

Here's my advice: have a little faith and if that doesn't work drink a lot of mimosas. - blair waldorf #gossipgirl _



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