January 12, 2011

Play Area

So we do not have an extra room in our house that I am willing to give up to make a 'play room' for Channing. Also, I love for her to be with us playing as much as possible where I can keep an eye on this sneaky little sweetheart! We decided to move a chair out of the corner of the living room and make way for a Channing corner. Like many I have always said I do not want my house to look like a day care threw up in it, so hopefully this doesn't. But, oh how things change when you have a kiddo. I would do just about anything to have this little one happy and learning and playing in comfort. We ordered a custom play mat from a company called Soft Tiles online. Tons of color choices that are not just the primary crazy colors. I choose a boring gray that doesn't stick out too much. I went to Home Goods and bought several pillows for Channing's corner... to spruce it up but to also give her a comfy place to lay and play etc. Below are the pics we took last night with A LOT of her toys out, but you get the picture. She seems to love it and we do too!

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  1. LOVE it! where did you get the peg toy with the follow beads (not sure what they are called)? I need to get one of those for Cate!