January 25, 2011

First Week Of School In Pictures

Channing started at her new CCDC school last week at Richardson East church! She seems to love it for the most part. She has started crying when I leave her and that makes it a tad hard but as soon as they give her some cheerios she is just fine! It will take her just a bit to get into her own little routine there but we think it is the perfect fit for her!

Day 1: VERY excited to start school!

Day 2: so cute!

Day 3: a little CRAZY

Day 4: TOTALLY CUTE!! Too bad this was the day she spit up twice on the way to school ruining her outfit which resulted in an outfit change when we got to school... then she puked twice on the way home with Chandler resulting in riding home in her skimpies. Friday night she was sick during the night throwing up several times and seemed to be better Saturday. Sunday night the momma got sick (we are thinking food poisoning from SONIC... HATE them now) and so we had a long weekend and got back into the swing of things today! Good grief it was a rough weekend in the Balch house! We are already looking forward to this coming weekend!!
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