May 27, 2010

Sock Monkey Picture 2 Months! See How Much I Have Grown!

Our little girl (or not so little) has grown SO much in the last few weeks. Her little personality is starting to shine through! We are getting smiles and 'coos' and this morning she laughed in her sleep, it was the cutest thing EVER!

She has almost surpassed her sock monkey in size which seems totally unbelievable to us. She is starting to sleep anywhere from 5 to 7 hours a night and we are loving life and feeling much more rested these days! She is a big eater and I joke that she never misses a meal. Channing is also looking more and more like her daddy these days. She is a GREAT baby and we couldn't feel more blessed.

2 Months
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  1. She's so cute!!! Congrats on getting so much sleep...That makes life so much more enjoyable. :)

  2. She IS growing and growing. Our sweet, sweet girl changes so fast.

    Isn't sleeping for 5 hours wonderful?

  3. wow she is big now! i wish she could stay tiny forever!