May 19, 2010

8 Week Dr Appointment

Channing had her 8 week appointment yesterday and checked out wonderfully! She weighs 10lbs 1oz and measured 21.5 inches long! She is a growing girl for sure. She is a GREAT eater and has put on quite a bit of 'chubb' in the last few weeks and we LOVE it!

The doctor said she looked perfect, his words not mine! :) She did get two shots and one oral vaccination. She screamed as they gave her the shots but as soon as I picked her up she calmed down right away and did great for the rest of the day. That part of the appointment was harder on me than her I am guessing. She slept a lot yesterday and then slept 6 hours last night. Those shots just wore her out.

While we were waiting to be called back at the doctors office I noticed a 'brand new' baby and commented how sweet and tiny she was and the momma said thank you and I asked how much she weighed when she was born and she said 6lbs 8oz and that was bigger than Channing when she was born and I could not believe how small she looked compared to Channing now. Oh, how FAST they grow! I really can see it now.

I will take her monkey picture later today and try to post it tonight! It is crazy to see how much she has grown!

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