February 20, 2014

Big Sticks!

Oh My Word

we have had a BUSY CRAZY few weeks. Starting about 3 weeks ago I got a horrible sinus infection then passed it on to Chandler then we passed it on to Channy Lou.

Her nose is still running like a faucet but thankfully I think the cough is gone. THAT.IS.HORRIBLE. To hear them coughing in their sleep and it just sounds so awful!

Valentines Day has come and gone. We usually do not celebrate BIG on Valentines... we never really have. Oh except that time when we got engaged on V Day. But my Dad was out of town for the night and my mom asked if Channing could spend the night with her so we went to dinner with a gift card we had from Christmas! Almost free dinner and a date! Win win!

Just my silly stylish girl!

So last weekend we had 2 ( 3 technically) birthday parties for Channy's friends from school! Oh my goodness it was busy and we also threw in dinner and a soccer game to boot! One of the parties was a super hero theme and all the kiddos dressed up. It was SO stinkin cute! There's our little Wonder Woman!!!

The first party was a swim party at Mockingbird Swim. Channing did pretty good but had the most fun playing with her little bestie. Aren't they SO cute!

Those were her Valentines she gave to her school friends! She also picked out flowers for her teacher and she was SO excited to give them to her! The teacher loved them too!

I had Monday off for Pres Day an Channing ran errands with me all day so we went to the park that afternoon! She walked out of the little 'woods' beside the playground shouting, 'Look I found a HUGE stick'!

Yep that stick now lives on Estate Ln with us!

We got some new pretty redone antique seating for our bedroom!!

Loving it loving it!

She worked on swinging by herself on Monday too and did great!

Thank you Lord for the iPad at the boring car dealership!

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