December 6, 2010

Guest Blogging!

Hey guys! I know all of you lovely readers have missed the daily blogging of yours truly but sadly Channing Layne and I were hit HARD with horrible colds. We didn't leave the house Friday or Saturday and missed our beloved Neiman Marcus Children's Christmas Parade :(. On top of that Miss Channing has been teething and with the cold hardly sleeping at all which makes a sleepy very sick momma even more tired and not completely well yet. But, alas, I am back at work and she is at the babysitter today. She did sleep from about 9:45pm until 6am this morning. Thank you Jesus... REALLY!

Until tomorrow please go check out Neely's Blog... I was a guest blogger for this sweet girl who is currently preparing for mega finals... go enjoy the blog and also say a little prayer that Neely's finals go wonderfully! We have become bloggy friends and since I missed the last blogger meet-up she organized we have yet to meet in person. Good luck Neely and talk to you tomorrow readers!!!


  1. Thanks sweet friend! I am the grad school little engine that could...I think I can I think I can haha