April 8, 2010

More Phone Snapshots!

Waiting for her newborn picture shoot!

Bumpy road made her bow a 'road hazzard'!

Ready to go visit pop's office and then to visit dad's office!!

Chubby Bubby!!!

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  1. Hey! such precious pics yet again! and yes, i felt like my belly was getting bigger and it wasn't really till last night when I took that pic and compared it, and my reaction too was "whoa"!
    live in Austin, which we love! and unfortunately do not make it to the Dallas area very often=( but sometime down the road we should do like a blogger mama get together or something? that would be fun!

  2. yes we should.... haha we will actually be in austin sooner than later... ill let you know when even if we just met at starbucks to say hey that would be fun!

    hope you are having a wonderful week!!!