January 19, 2010

Dr Update

Last Friday I went to the doctor and wanted to update everyone on the appointment. Basically it was just a check up except for the fact that I had to go do my glucose test that day as well. The appointment went well. I saw another doctor in the practice, they try to let you see a few different doctors just in case you go into labor and your doctor is not on call that day. That way you are familiar with the others there. I really liked this doctor and we had a few good laughs. He asked if Chandler was a small baby, which he was, because he said I am so petite he was hoping that Chandler wasn't a big baby!! The glucose test went just fine, the drink was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I do not find out my results until sometime this week, probably today. I felt fine and didn't mind it much because all of that sugar made me feel like I had drank a Red Bull, which is something I have missed during this pregnancy.

My next appointment is in three weeks and at that time we also get to do another sonogram! We can't wait to see little Channing again! Although, I swear she is BIG Channing the way she punches and kicks at my ribs haha.

We are getting closer to meeting our little girl and couldn't be more excited!

p.s. Belly pics to come!!

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